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What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are found in all organic plant forms and they are the building blocks for determining the smell or taste of the plant.

When dealing with harsh extractions and volatile chemicals, most if not all of the flavors and terpenes are lost due to such extreme reactions. This can leave your extraction products bland and lacking what all the best concentrates have, lush flavor from terpenes.

We can help you get the terpenes back into your product which will not only make the concentrate taste better, it will smell better too. 

1. Develop custom flavorings for extractions.

2.) Allow home consumer the ability to test new personal flavors with our "Sample Kits".

3.) Provide commercial businesses with the highest quality of supplies available.

American Made Terpenes

​Our extracts are made in America in a multi million dollar facility. All our products are as close to 100% as modern science allows for. These are lab grade supplies that come with certificates to prove exactly what you purchasing.

​Before now, sourcing terpenes involved dealing with companies from China, India, or large scale chemical suppliers who know nothing about the marijuana industry. 

Not any more!

Now you will be able to purchase terpenes and other extracts from a trusted company who knows everything there is to know about terpene infusion. This means no more international phone calls, no more confusion with purchasing limonene from companies who mainly sell to cleaning product producers like Clorox, and no more struggles finding rare or hard to find terpenes.

All of the photos were taken at our manufacturing plant where we have the absolute highest standards in the entire industry.

Lab Grade Terpenes are the only types of terpenes that ​Denver Terpenes has for sale and has been established by people with years of experience in the extraction industry. These leaders have come together to provide the highest quality products available and can be provided in quantities that work for:

  • At home or hobby personal infusion
  • Professional scientific lab work
  • Bulk commercial retail
  • Product developers
  • Small manufacturers

​High grade terpenes, essential oils, & other extracts are extremely hard to find, but we are hoping to create a standardization that will allow for both consistency and quality. This will allow for you to get the same flavor and smell every time.Our extraction consultants who are attempting to take an extract and enrich it with flavors that were either lost due to modern extraction methods, or infuse flavors that weren't ever there to begin with like chocolate or vanilla.Thanks for checking out our website. Please fill out the form or give us a call so we can assist you further.

Call For An Expert Consultation Now

We also provide awide array of consultation services. This means we can supply you with the proper terpenes and teach your chemist how to use them if they don't the have the necessary skills to properly infuse the product. 

We offer both phone consultation and in person services. That's right, we will fly our expert out to where ever to your lab is and personally help them master terpene infusion and terpene profiling. 

Overall we know that terpenes and there medicinal properties are only just now being discovered by our industry. We will help you figure out exactly what to do with them, and make sure you are ahead of the curve.

Custome Terpene Formulation

We can help you make your very own blend that no one else on the market carries. It is a fast a simple process. As we have made over 75 terpene blends for our general catalog, we can easily make one just for you.