Why Choose Botanic Terpenes?

For those of you venturing into the world of terpenes, it's important to understand that not all are created equal. From botanical and cannabis-derived varieties, right through to synthetically produced options - there is much worth exploring when it comes to these aroma compounds. To better inform your choices be sure to read our blog post detailing the different types available commercially!

Cannabis-derived terpenes are a unique opportunity - derived directly from the cannabis plant, they can replicate its flavors and aromas while also offering effects that match. However, no two experiences will ever be the same; each individual flower or harvest may provide vastly different results due to environmental factors influencing their composition over time. With every extraction comes an exclusive aromatic profile meant for one-time enjoyment! 

Our groundbreaking technology and research enables us to craft terpene blends so precise that they replicate the flavors, aromas, and effects of popular cannabis strains. Not only do our botanically-derived extracts faithfully emulate these unique profiles with precision – but we also offer custom formulations for an entirely new experience! On top of it all, you can be assured in the consistent quality each time due to uniformity across every batch. This is why Botanic terpenes will always have way more consistency.

Financially, botanical terpenes are the logical choice. While cannabis is a costly crop to cultivate, it pales in comparison with refining its isolated terpene components like linalool. In addition, lavender yields much more of this molecule for greater cost savings and scalability than does marijuana - making an already expensive process even less affordable. Botanical-derived sources stand out as being advantaged on both fronts due to their practicality and abundance; clearly there's no contest when evaluating which option provides companies great value for money spent!

Building brands and products in the cannabis, hemp or CBD markets certainly has its challenges due to ever-changing state regulations and federal laws. However, there is a simple solution that can help companies expand their footprint while remaining compliant: pure botanical terpenes from non-cannabis plants. With no active cannabinoids like THC or CBD present -and virtually unrestricted interstate commerce capabilities - these legal extracts are suitable for export outside of the US too! Choosing quality botanicals eliminates any risk associated with growing your product market; instead you become empowered by taking away those legals worries without sacrificing flavor profile excellence.