Purchase Bulk Terpenes

Here at Denver Terpenes we offer the highest quality extracts possible. We only offer 100% pure lab grade materials, delivered with certification paperwork every time.

We have a wide variety of volumes that we can supply you with. We can go as small as milliliters all the way up to a 400 pound drum.

To inquire about pricing and volumes,  call 303-625-7531

Currently our website's online store is designed to sell our company's smaller scale consumer and commercial testing kits. These are ready to purchase now.

Generally our clients start out by ordering our sample kit, which have some of our best blends. This small sample kit is offered in one size. It FREE!

This allows for guaranteed satisfaction of the product on your side by allowing you to test out if that terpene is what you actually something you don't want.

You can avoid issues like ordering a 400 lb drum of an extract that you aren't going to use because of some sort of cross flavor issues.

Once your happy with a formula of your own concoction, and are ready to order whole volume we can arrange for much larger sizes to be delivered directly to you.

If you would like to just place a big order because you have either heard how great our product was, or you have done your research on our company feel free to do that.

Just call 303-625-7531 or fill out the form and we will talk about pricing and availability.