Creating the perfect vaping experience requires a balance of active ingredients, terpenes for flavor and aroma, as well as thinning agents like MCT oil. This colorless and odorless substance made from coconut or palm oil is essential in liquefying extracts which can then be inhaled via water vapor. Mastering the right combination means that our customers enjoy an unparalleled quality - flavorsome aromas with entourage effects precisely calibrated to perfection – this commitment lies at heart of what we do here everyday! Though all of our terpene blends contain ZERO MCT oil, we do provide a line of flavoring that is MCT based.

MCTs are not only sold as a health supplement, but their benefits extend beyond serving simply as carriers. They can help individuals with Type II Diabetes manage glucose levels, control cravings to aid in weight loss and provide an energy source that won't be tucked away for later use - all without any negative effects on the body. This is why MCT-infused flavors take center stage when it comes to our line of products!

Propylene glycol is a widely used synthetic organic compound found in many food products, such as coloring and toothpaste. Despite the FDA's recognition of its safety for consumption, exposure to PG should be avoided by those with allergies due to potential allergenicity. A 2017 study showed that vaporizing oils which contain it may lead to harmful exposures from their byproducts – specifically polyethylene glycols featuring ethylene oxide - making them unsafe for human use.

Numerous scientific studies have revealed that PEG, when vaped at high temperatures, can break down into carcinogenic formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Conversely vegetable glycerin (VG) is a colorless liquid with an especially sweet taste often found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other household items. Although VG has the capacity to produce dense vapor clouds it may also lead to discomfort of lung linings for some individuals.

The debate over MCTs, and their value to consumers’ health rages on. But what is clear is that they are the best 'carrier agent' available; carrying nutraceutical and medicinal benefits in addition to proposing greater efficiency of delivery than other systems. Although long-term effects have not been researched conclusively yet, it's likely that vaping offers an unparalleled approach for cannabis or CBD consumption - with immediate results packaged up neatly within a vape cartridge at just your convenience! It falls upon each individual manufacturer or consumer though, to do adequate due diligence into ingredients before making any purchase decisions.