American Made Terpenes

Finally a company that provides high quality lab grade terpenes that are made in America by people who know the ins and outs of our industry.

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All our terpenes are made in a multi million dollar extraction facility that was founded in the early 1900's. This factory is filled with expert chemists and extractors that know exactly what each terpene is and does.

Our company has exclusive rights with this factory and we are the only who can source extracts through them.

We have both natural and synthetic versions of several of our products. 

We can supply you with pretty much any volume of any terpene on the market. We can provide with with sample sizes down to just a few milliliters & all the way up to a 400 pound drum or any where in between.

Denver Terpenes can source almost any terpene or extract. Even the rarest ones. We have special DEA regulated chemicals that very few people in the world have licenses for. 

If we don't have exactly what you need in stock, we can either make it or find it for you.

Call 303-625-7531